Can you Measure My Pet’s Blood Pressure?

Yes we can! Blood pressure can be important especially if your pet is not feeling well.

Hypertension or high blood pressure can be caused by many underlying diseases. In dogs: kidney disease, hyperadrenocorticsm [Cushing’s disease], diabetes, adrenal tumors [cancer], heart disease or neurological disease of the brain. In cats: kidney disease, heart disease, hyperthyroidism or neurological disease of the brain.

Hypotension most commonly is a result of shock or blood loss. Can be used to monitor response to treatment.

The simplest way to measure blood pressure is with an indirect method such as Doppler. A cuff is placed on the leg. A probe is placed under the paw. An audible sound is produced by an amplifier corresponding to the pulse. The cuff is inflated until you can no longer hear the pulse then slowly deflated until you can hear the pulse again. This is the systolic pressure.

Every case is unique. Recommend consulting with your primary care veterinarian to see if your pet would benefit from measuring their blood pressure.

-Dr. Lesley Phillips