Client Testimonial – “Sumo Long”

HBOT and Me


Sumo Long

One morning very early, I think around two,

I awoke with a fever, but I knew what to do,

I woke up my ma and let her know

We better head for the vet, come on let’s go!

My fever was so high I was in kind of a fog,

Basically I was as sick as a dog!

I spent the night at the ER and the fever went down,

But then I had a rash on my tummy, awful and oozing brown.

It spread to my hind legs and we went to Stuart Sound,

Dr. Rowley ran tests, soon to the AERC I was bound.

My legs were so swollen I couldn’t walk, oh I was so ill,

Dr. Runde knew it would take much more than any pill

To save my life, which at that point I didn’t even care,

But my ma and dad did, so I’m glad they were there.

Dr. Runde said that he would do all that he could,

But we all were aware it really did not look good,

Suddenly my life flashed before my eyes and then

I knew I wouldn’t give up, I wanted to get back home again!

For my walks and for rides in the Sumo Limo, (my golf cart,)

To the dock, to Aunt Betts’s, to the field and of course to the park,

And to go boating, swimming and looking for snook,

(I really like to swim ‘cause I didn’t read the book)

I also knew I wanted to keep playing hide and seek

When my dad covers my eyes so I do not peek.

And most of all I really and truly knew

That my ma and dad would see me through!

They just were not ready to lose me yet,

So I had to get better for them, my mind was set!

I’m such an important member of the family,

I worried that they wouldn’t know what to do without me!

So I followed Doctor’s orders, except I didn’t really want to eat,

I lost so much weight, and quite sore were my hind legs and feet,

Especially the left one, which like the rest of me looked yucky,

But because I had good care at the center I was lucky,

And the very best thing there was the type of therapy,

All I had to do was snooze in the bed of the HBOT!

Every day I had treatments that really helped me,

On this magical bed which they call HBOT………

Into the chamber I went, without any fear,

I could relax and look out the big window so clear,

The extra oxygen to my cells, skin, brain, even my hair,

Helped so much that after four days I was allowed to leave there!

I went home, weak, in pain, and weighing a lot less,

We were all still quite worried I really must confess,

So skinny, with icky boo-boos, I was an awful sight,

But my Ma took care of me all through the nights,

And every morning I went back to my favorite therapy,

At the AERC where they let me get more of that HBOT!

The therapy that’s so amazing it helped my wounds heal,

And also my pancreatitis, oh how much better I feel!

I’m now officially discharged from the AERC,

Where I had such good care and the HBOT,

The vet techs all loved me and all are so sweet,

The most caring and helpful techs you’ll ever meet!

So to my fellow canines, if injured or ill, do not hesitate,

Go to the AERC, where the doctors and staff are really great!