E-cigarettes -Dangerous for your Pets!

By March 24, 2014Blog

There’s a new smoking cessation tool out on the market…the “E-cigarette.” E-cigarettes have eliminated many harmful chemicals present in traditional cigarettes but nicotine and propylene glycol are still incorporated into the liquid used to produce the inhaled vapor.

Veterinarians have known for years that nicotine is toxic to animals. Only ½-1 mg per pound of body weight needs to be ingested to produce toxic signs. These signs include tremors, constricted pupils, drooling, auditory and visual hallucinations, excitement, vomiting and diarrhea, seizures, racing heart rate, and changes in blood pressure. A lethal dose of ingested nicotine equals 4 mgs. per pound of body weight.

The fluids used in E-cigarettes are sold in 5, 10, 15 and 30 ml. bottles. They contain anywhere from no nicotine to 24 mg. nicotine/ml. of fluid.

The following chart tells the story…

Toxic Dose (10# dog)

Lethal Dose (10# dog)

Toxic Dose (60# Dog)

Lethal Dose (60# Dog)

6 mg./ml. Nicotine

0.8-1.6 mls.

6.6 mls.

5-10 mls.

40 mls.

12 mg./ml. Nicotine

0.4-0.8 mls.

3.3 mls.

2.5 mls.

20 mls.

18 mg./ml. Nicotine

0.27-0.5 mls.

2.2 mls.

1.6-3.3 mls.

13.3 mls.

24 mg./ml. Nicotine

0.2-0.4 mls.

1.6 mls.

1.2-2.5 mls.

10 mls.

So please be careful if you have an E-cigarette and the accompanying fluid in your home. As you can see, as little as 1.6 mls. of the most concentrated liquid can kill your small dog. This is the same as only a third of a teaspoon!

-Cindy Wasserman DVM, JD