Examples of Enhancing Treatment & Care with HBOT: Non Cardiogenic Edema

By December 19, 2016Blog

Adjunctive HBOT in the Treatment of Non Cardiogenic Edema

A 6-month-old male intact Bulldog was presented on an emergency basis for extreme respiratory distress. He had become tangled while tethered on his leash, and became strangled by the leash attempting to escape. Harsh bronchovesicular sounds were ausculted, and admitting radiographs revealed a caudodorsal distribution of a severe mixed alveolar/interstitial pattern to the lungs, primarily right sided. The respiratory difficulty (respiration rate >100) was complicated further by a congenital hypoplastic trachea of a very small diameter.

Furosemide and buprenorphine were given parenterally (one injection of each drug), and the patient was placed in an ICU oxygen rich unit (40%-60% oxygen) for several hours. Respiration rate and effort remained elevated. The patient was then given an HBOT session at 1.5 ATA for one hour, and respiration effort and rate became noticeably reduced.

Follow up radiographs after the first HBOT session demonstrated marked reduction in the pulmonary infiltrates.

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After 1 One-Hour HBOT Session

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