Has your Dog been diagnosed with OSTEOARTHRITIS?

By November 29, 2012Blog

Are you wondering if there are any other treatment options other than NSAIDS [nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications]?

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of a joint that results in degeneration of cartilage. The end result is joint pain. Your dog may become less active, be stiff when they first get up or limp. The diagnosis can be confirmed with a radiograph or MRI.

Traditional management includes: maintaining a healthy weight, regular controlled exercise, NSAIDS [nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications] and nutritional supplements such as glucosamine / chondroitin or essential fatty acids.

An innovative treatment combination is now available. The affected joint is injected with enhanced platelets under a short anesthesia and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to mobilize circulating stem cells. Your dogs own blood is used to harvest platelets. These platelets secrete growth factors to recruit stem cells to repair damaged cartilage. Peak effect is in 3 weeks and can last 6 months to a year. Results have been excellent!

Every case is unique. Please call your primary care veterinarian to discuss this option for osteoarthritis treatment.

Dr. Lesley Phillips