Is a Cold Laser Really Cold?

Not really. Cold laser is really low level laser therapy [LLLT]. High power is used in surgical lasers which apply heat to cause thermal damage of tissue. LLLT helps muscles regenerate, wounds and joints heal and control acute and chronic pain. Most LLLT in veterinary medicine is used for wound healing and pain management especially for arthritis. The laser therapy is administered using a hand held probe with a beam held perpendicular to the skin. Everyone in the room including the patient should wear goggles to protect the eyes.

New therapeutic lasers are now available that deliver more power than LLLT but less power than surgical lasers. The High Intensity Laser Therapy [HILT] Artemis can reach deeper into the tissues without damage. The Artemis massages the tissue without harmful heat. This results in a tremendous reduction of swelling and pain. It also can be used to regenerate tissue [remodel scar tissue to a more normal state]. Artemis HILT is non-invasive without pain or side effects.

Please talk to your primary care veterinarian if you feel your pet might benefit from laser therapy.

-Dr. Lesley Phillips