New High Definition, Low Radiation, Imaging System!

By April 30, 2014Blog

A brand new diagnostic technology has appeared in Veterinary Medicine, and the AERC in Fort Pierce wants to introduce it to you. We are pleased to announce the addition of the high definition, low radiation imaging system, Vimago. With this system we can create three dimensional CT images providing more detail than conventional CT systems, with 80% less radiation exposure to the patient.

The 3D images can be manipulated and viewed in any axis, and the software allows enhancement or minimization of the various soft or boney tissue layers.

This system  allows us to see the ” normal”  and ” abnormal” in our patients like never before. As of this date there are only four Vimago units installed in the United States. This system is not available for human medicine yet.

The following picture was obtained from a 3D rendering of broken bones, allowing the surgeon to know the number, size, and position of all the bone fragments prior tosurgery.