Our NEW Vimago High Definition, Low Radiation Imaging Unit!

By June 25, 2014Blog

The AERC has just installed the Vimago high definition, low radiation Imaging unit. At this writing we are one of only four hospitals in the USA with this new technology!

It allows us to create images in more detail than the best current human CT units , with 80% less radiation to the patient. Immediately after the patient is scanned, the Vimago allows us to view the image created in three dimensions, and rotate it in any plane.

We can highlight or diminish the visibility of various tissue types, and slice through the image to view the area we want to interrogate. We can send “slices” of these images to radiologists for review which are much thinner and closer together than those created by the high radiation CT units.

The images and information obtained are quite simply…. Amazing! Here is an image captured from a chest of a dog.

-Dr. Ronald Lyman