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fort-pierce-veterinary-exam Who We Are and What We Do

The Animal Emergency and Referral Center essentially comprises two core elements of veterinary care: emergency and critical care blended with state-of-the-art Fort Pierce veterinary specialist services.

As our pets have become increasingly important members of our families, they require the very best specialist care if they become sick or suffer from a chronic condition. And, as well all know, emergencies are rarely convenient and it simply isn’t possible for every veterinary practice to offer 24-hour emergency care, seven days per week.

24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care in Ft. Pierce, FL

This is why we provide a wide range of advanced veterinary specialist services and 24-hour emergency and critical care coverage to practices across the state of Florida. Our Fort Pierce emergency veterinary hospital is close to Vero Beach, Stuart, and Port St. Lucie, and is staffed at all times by skilled doctors and technicians capable of handling the most complicated and demanding emergency and critical care cases.

Advanced Veterinary Technology

fort-pierce-pet-surgeryHowever, having highly trained medical staff is of little benefit if we also do not provide them with the latest tools and technologies. This is why we carry a wide range of cutting edge veterinary technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), full laboratory testing capabilities, hyperbaric oxygen chamber for pets, videofluoroscopy, modern ultrasound capabilities, electrocardiogram, advanced surgical suites, and more. Not only do we have some of the most experienced and highly trained doctors to be found in any practice in the country, but we have put the best and most advanced tools in their hands as well.

Our method of practice includes daily hospital rounds where doctors and veterinary technicians gather to examine and discuss each case, which includes veterinary diagnostics and treatment plans. This format—input from multiple sources—enhances the depth and quality of patient care and ensures that every member of our staff is aware of your pet’s needs.

Partnering with Your Veterinarian for Comprehensive Care

fort-pierce-veterinary-servicesBecause we operate as an adjunct to your primary care veterinarian, we strive to excel at communicating with you and your veterinarian to ensure continuity of care between our facility, your home and your veterinarian’s office. For emergency cases, we will provide your veterinarian with a full medical record of the care your pet received. Pets receiving specialist care will have a consultation report sent to your veterinarian by fax and mail. All of these records are available to pet owners as well.

In all, the Animal Emergency and Referral Center provides compassionate, high-quality specialty, emergency and critical care within a welcoming, world-class facility. Should your pet require emergency care or the care of a specialist, we are here to ensure your beloved family member receives the very best that modern veterinary medicine has to offer.

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3984 SO. U.S. 1
Ft. Pierce, FL 34982
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