The entire staff and doctors were absolutely wonderful. We weren't sure what the outcome would be from the neurological damage, but a week of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a month later my sweet Roley is back to normal. I would go back to them in a heart beat. Thank you ALL at AERC!!!

Lindsey McIlwain Clay

Here at this emergency veterinary office they were available immediately to see my dog who was injured. It's an emergency clinic but they worked with us and we were able to get the dog looked at and get a medication for my dog still of course have to take him to his primary vet for further examination and meds. They promptly examined him and we're very nice.

Lourdes Ibanez

I would like to say Thank You to Dr. Lyman, Dr. Walters, and the entire staff, my puppy TANK had to have emergency surgery. This staff cared for him as if he was one of there’s, they quickly took him in and saved his life, they made every effort to communicate everything that was going on with him and his progress. I hope not to have any more emergency when it comes to TANK but I’m happy to no that a quality and caring emergency center is close to home. My family and I Thank You for caring for our pet.

Steven White

20160109184954k71b29To The Staff at Animal Emergency & Referral Center,


It all happened on Thanksgiving Day…..

Justice was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and she got hurt. We rushed her to the emergency vet near our home. They x-rayed her, but unfortunately did not have the equipment needed to treat her. They referred us to Animal Emergency & Referral Center, more than an hour away. Once there they carefully assessed Justice and reviewed her x-rays. Due to the physical injuries and possible head trauma they decided that it was not safe at the time to put her under anesthesia. The decision was made to start Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatment immediately to reduce any swelling. The following day Dr. Wasserman called and informed us that Justice was doing well. However, they reviewed her x-rays with the radiologist and noticed something wrong; her spleen had perforated the abdominal cavity. They informed us they would observe her spleen to be sure it was functioning normally before they relocated it. If the spleen was not functioning properly they would have no choice but to remove it. They assured us that Justice could live without her spleen. Following another session in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, they proceeded with surgery. The Doctors and staff kept us informed the entire time. While there, dropping off medication for Justice, Dr. Wasserman discussed the surgery and prognosis. She said the surgery went well, they were able to successfully relocate the spleen and repair the abdominal wall. During the operation they found the top tier of a Kong toy, about the size of half a golf ball. It had been missing in our home for about a month. Yikes! Dr. Wasserman told us it was like a blessing in disguise. She is only 25 lbs. and was hit with about 12,000 lbs. it was amazing that she had not gotten sick from her inability to pass the pierce of Kong. In the end, she is home safe and you would never know any of this happened. We have nothing but praise and gratitude for the doctors and staff at the Animal Emergency & Referral Center. They loved our sweet little Justice while she was there and with kindness responded to our numerous questions, multiple times each day. Their bedside manner and care went above and beyond. THEY WERE JUST AWESOME!!!

~With Much Love and Kind Regards~

Todd, Tyann, and our fur-babies…
Hershey, Sundae, P-Nut Butter, Jelly, Scooby, & Sweet Justice

June, 2013
Dear AERC:

I would like to express my gratitude to every one at AERC for everything they did for my Bear.

Dr. Bennett: Your devotion to your patients is phenomenal. You went above and beyond what I would have expected of an ER veterinarian. You stayed late after your shift ended and you came in early before your shift began, just so you could personally monitor Bear’s condition. You scrubbed in to assist with Bear’s surgery so you could tell me firsthand about the procedure. You kept me informed of Bear’s recovery progress, explained his treatment options, understood my concerns and answered my questions in as much detail as I needed. You were there every step of the way, not only for Bear, but for me as well. Your spirituality truly is a gift and one not often found in the medical profession. You put your heart and soul into every aspect of your job. And, you were the best patient advocate ever! I can never thank you enough!

Dr. Phillips: Although I did not have the chance to meet you before Bear’s surgery, Dr. Bennett spoke so highly of your skill and dedication as a surgeon that I never had any worries. Dr. Bennett described to me your exceptional thoroughness during the procedure and I know Bear received the very best surgical care possible. I am so very grateful to you.

Dr. Wasserman: I know you were with Bear every night during his stay at AERC, watching over him and tending to him with as much care as Dr Bennett gave him during the day. It eased my mind to know you were there with him. Thank you so much.

Technicians: Dr. Bennett told me of the care and attention you all lavished on Bear during his stay and I deeply appreciate that you made him feel loved when he needed it most.

Thank you all.

Most Sincerely,
Renee Gatarz
Bear’s Mom

A letter from the publisher of “Natural Awakenings” magazine:

This month’s issue is dedicated to my beloved dog Darby, who has recently made the most miraculous medical recovery that I’ve ever witnessed. Darby, our 15-year old terrier-mix rescue, came to live with us when she was just five-weeks old. She’s had a wonderful life and is the best family companion any one of us could have asked for.

This past April she was diagnosed with a heart condition and put on pharmaceuticals; she’ll be dependent on meds for the rest of her life. A new routine (meds) and a new diet both seemed to be going well until the 14th of August when she became unable to move – she couldn’t take more than a step or two without falling over. As my daughter, my husband and I all worked to come to grips with the fact that we may have to say good-bye to her, we were given only one option; we were referred to an animal hospital with an ICU that utilizes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We rushed her to the facility where she was immediately taken into the back and put into a chamber filled with 100% pure oxygen. She remained in the hospital for the next few days and on the fifth day we were told we could come pick her up. When we got there, to our amazement, she was acting like a young dog…bouncing around, playful and ready for us to take her home. The doctors commented on how hard she had worked to come back to us. If not for this specialized therapy she would not be with us today. Her meds have been adjusted and she’s still doing great.

I realize that this is not my usual letter; I just felt the need to share as the events are still so fresh-she’s been home barely a week as I write this letter. I’m sure those of you who are as in love with your family pet as much as I am can completely understand how difficult it would be to think about anything else…thus, my unusual letter this month!

I wish y’all a wonderful September. Remember to find ways to show gratitude during challenging times and let those close to you know how important they are each and every day (four-legged loved-ones included).

Be well, in appreciations,
Marie Moceri

moeTo Dr. Bichsel, Keith, and the entire staff,

Maureen (Moe)and I would like to send you our sincere gratitude for the loving care, compassion, and expertise you shared with our little guy, King.

Keith, you were the first one to meet King and I the night of December 28, when I brought him to the emergency room. To the chagrin of my wife, King is the love of my life. King and I knew right then he would be in great hands even though I left with tears in my eyes. Keith, I am sure you treat every patient and their family the exact same way you did us, but you made Moe and I feel “extra special”. You took time talking with me on the phone and talking with us at the center. Thank you. Definitely “Employee of the Month” as far as we are concerned.

Dr. Bichsel, words cannot explain how Moe and I feel about you. I guess the greatest compliment I can give you is after having two back surgeries myself, if I ever need another one I am scheduling it with you. I could only wish that physicians, who operate on people, were as caring, compassionate, and thoughtful as you are. The daily phone calls reassuring us on King’s progress were priceless. The thorough follow up exams, Dr’s notes, and instructions after the surgery have given us peace of mind. Thank you so much.

We pray we will never need emergency services again, but if we do we know exactly where to come.

—Moe Lee & John Ray