Throw Out Your Line!

By July 30, 2014Blog

Throw Out Your Line!

Living in Florida provides us with many outdoor activities. One activity loved by many is fishing. With all of our oceans and rivers, you’re bound to see people casting their lines out. Often I will see the avid fisherman preparing a new line and hook on his rod. I also tend to see lots of stray fishing line and hooks littered along our waterways and dock areas.
If you, like many, like to take your dog to the beach, be careful of these littered lines and hooks. Dogs’ keen smell and curiosity can lead them to start chewing on discarded fishing line. Whether or not there is an attached hook, if your dog ends up swallowing the line & hook, he can suffer great injury. As the line continues to work its way down the intestinal tract, it will “bunch up” the intestines. The intestinal tract can then rupture causing a dangerous life threatening infection. The hook can also puncture through the intestinal tract causing similar problems.
If your pet does end up wrangling with fishing line or a hook, it is important that he not be allowed to paw at his mouth. Try to tape the line to his head and place an Elizabethan collar or similar collar on the dog. Also, don’t allow your pet to eat or drink until you can get to your Veterinarian.
Of course, if we can encourage people to properly dispose of their discarded fishing line and hooks, our waterways, pets and ourselves would be much safer!

-Dr. Wasserman

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