What is Cancer?

By January 28, 2015Blog

Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer can be benign or malignant. Benign is not recurrent and favorable for recovery. Malignant tends to become progressively worse and to result in death.

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in older cats and dogs.

Every patient can be helped. Options include supportive care [treat symptoms], treatment [surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy], palliative therapy [treat to improve quality of life], hospice care [maintain quality of life and comfort in late stages] or euthanasia [humane end of life].

Your pet will benefit from early detection, maintain thin body weight, early neuter [spay or castration] and eliminate exposure to environmental carcinogens such as pesticides, herbicides and tobacco smoke.

If your pet is suspected to have cancer. Obtain a diagnosis. Determine location and extent of cancer. Determine your pet’s overall health.

Your veterinarian can help you with deciding what is best for your pet.

-Lesley Phillips, DVM