Why Does My Pet Need an Abdominal Exploratory?

By September 26, 2014Blog

The purpose of an abdominal exploratory is to systematically explore the entire abdomen.

The entire abdominal cavity and all structures are visualized and / or palpated. The patient is anesthetized for this procedure. There are many indications for an abdominal exploratory.

A few examples include the following:

1. Obtain small tissue samples for biopsy or culture.

2. Remove gastrointestinal foreign bodies.

3. Remove or biopsy cancerous masses.

4. Remove bladder or kidney stones.

5. Ovariohysterectomy / pyometra [infected uterus].

6. Gastric torsion [stomach has twisted] or splenic torsion.

Your primary care veterinarian will be able to discuss in more detail the indications and potential plan for each individual patient.

– Lesley Phillips, DVM